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Situated 222 kms from the centre of Cape Town, on the longest road in SA without a town, you will find Planet Karoo...
Facilities are what any discerning or well traveled person would expect out here and a bit more.
The Fort - has a pool and sun deck and two braai areas. It also has
                breakfast deck and can sleep 8 people very comfortably.
The Villa - designed for two couples and kids.
The Gallery - sleeps two and has an incredible view and table that seats
                     10 people. Good place to meet and dine.
The Gazebo -  2 kms from the Fort, sleeps 4 in one unique room. It has a
                      loo with a view and gives you the feeling of having left the planet.
There are staff who can clean after you while you take a walk or you can simply be left alone to enjoy the time and the space.
Tel: 023 316 1944  |   e-mail: